Last year in August 2016 I decided to do two competitions in Switzerland. The IFBB int. Swiss Cup and the IFBB Swiss Championship. I was always saying that I would never compete but better never say never ;). I decided to do it anyway.


What made me change my mind? Why do I changed my mind about it? I got to a point where I needed a new challenge, a new goal in my life! Honestly, I had a lot of problems to eat clean at this time, so I needed more pressure to get back into my routine and be more disciplined. I met up with my coach and asked her if it was possible to get in stageshape within 2 months. My coach believed in me from the beginning and was 100% sure I would reach my goals. That's why it is important to have a coach. Even when it's only to push and motivate you. Every coach should have a coach! 

When she was telling me that I wasn't allowed to eat chocolate for two months, I was pretty sure I would fail! Normally I need chocolate at least once in a week otherwise I am going crazy lol! Nevertheless, I decided to give it a try. After two weeks I got used to it. The first periode is always the most difficult part. You will have crazy cravings and you will often think about food! But as soon as your body get used to your diet it will getting easier and easier. After 3 weeks, I was used to nutrition and workout program and wasn’t thinking that much about food anymore. 



Check out my latest Youtube video “2 MONTHS TRANSFORMATION” ( it shows my daily routine and you will also see more of what I was eating during that time. I started around 1400 calories, 5 days low carb and 1 day high carb. During that time I always adjusted and cut slowly down to around 1000 calories. One month out I also removed my high carb day, so I was really low in carbs (about 30KH). My daily food consisted almost only white fish, vegetables and eggwhites - no added sauces or flavours, just salt. Also Salt is an important factor in a prep, because of the water retention in your body. I scaled my salt from beginning, started with about 7 gram salt, ended with 1.5 gram. No coke zero, no soda beverages at all, only water and coffee...So as you see, a show prep is boring and takes a lot of dicipline. It is ALL about your MINDSET! If you want it bad enough, you can do it! 



I completly needed to change my training. I used to train with heavy weights to build muscles but for my prep I trained the opposite way - less weights, more reps and a lot of super- and multisets. On stage you need to have a definied body, that means you need to get lower with bodyfat to see the muscle definition. Therefore cardio is also an important part of your prep. I did a lot of cardio from the beginning. Started with 30min in the morning on my bike and at the end I was doing 60min of cardio every single day and on some days an extra cardio session after my weight training. 


I did weight training 5 times a week:


1. Legs

2. Back/ shoulders (+1 leg exercise)

3. Legs

4. Chest / Arms/ Calves (+1 leg exercise)

5. Legs


The training was exhausting. Especially my leg workouts were intense, because it was more a cardio HIT training then a weight training. I had sore muscles a few weeks :P. 

I highly recommend to take more time than 2 months for a competition prep. The problem was not the diet, it was that I lost too much musclemass! I was feeling skinny, especially my glute and legs.



So do I ever compete again? I don't want to say never, but for now I prefer to continue with fitnessmodeling. I want to have fitcurves and don't want to be that skinny and shredded again. Important for me is being healthy and enjoying life. I love to be fit and doing sport but I don't like these people who are just living for fitness. I also have a life next to fitness... I didn't had the  time and energy for other things, all my energy was needed for my diet and I just wanted to avoid food. I've missed my social life. I wasn't able to go out for dinner with family and friends or to party. 


That is just my experience and my opinion. I really have a lot respect for all competitors. And I really won't miss this experience and don't regret my decision to do a competition.  

The hardest part for me was not during my diet, it was after the competition. It was really difficult to get back into my normal routine. My body was exhausted from all the dieting and because of that I couldn't train and I couldn't eat clean I lost myself a little bit - it was hard to find the balance. More about that in my next BLOG ;) 


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