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I always see a lot of people in the gym who never train legs – They actually spend  most of the time hammering their chest, arms and shoulders. The result is embarrassingly small glutes and quads (see the picture above).


It’s not all about looking good. First of all you will feel fitter and you will be a better athlete in general. Put time and effort into leg workouts and implement them in your weekly routine. It benefits the quality of your overall muscle gains. It helps you increase muscle mass, burn fat, reduces the risk of an injury and improves your stability.


Working on bigger musclegroups, like squats, deadlifts or lunges will require more «work» from the heart and brain and higher levels of metabolism compared to exercising smaller muscle groups.

So these are the facts… now more about me, I started to focus more on my legs and glute approx. one month ago and I already feel a huge difference. I train legs about 5 times a week. Now you ask yourself how is this possible ?


It is, because I always switch my workouts between :

·        heavy weights – low reps

·        low weights – high reps

·        Isolated exercises (like leg curls)

·        full body exercises (like squats, deadlifts)

·        HIIT training (like jump squats)

·        Switch techniques (drop sets, supersets, negative reps, super slow reps etc.)

·        and sometimes I just do cycling

So as you see, my focus is always on my legs ! Sometimes I do some extra upper body exercises but it isn’t really necesary because you always use all your muscles during a legworkout. Since I am doing this, I feel good and I’m comfortable with my shape and the positive thing - I can/ need to eat more😉.


Why am I doing this ? Because my upper body is already over developed in my eyes, and I don’t want to grow anymore. It works for me but I would never recommend this to someone who just started with fitness. I already built my muscles and now I can change my workouts in a way that works best for me. If you are a beginner you should work on every muscle seperately to build the «base» 😊 Once you have it, you can find out other ways on how to get closer to your goals…

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    Paul (Dienstag, 07 Februar 2017 14:56)

    Wow what message, God is good and very glad he gave you a second chance, it's for a reason,too help others, God bless. Paul