How to get in shape without gym

You want to get in shape but don’t want to spend money for a gym membership, you don’t feel comfortable in the gym or your schedule don’t give you time to go to the gym?


So the main question is, can you really have a good workout without leaving the house?


ABSOLUTELY! There are many ways to burn calories and build muscles without any machines! I just recommend to buy dumbbells or things like fit balls, exercise bands or tubing.


My favourite bodyweight exercises are :


·          Bodyweight Squats
·          Push Ups variations
·          Bridges
·          Hip Extension
·          Dips with a chair
·          Bulgarian Split Squats with a chair

Tips to stay motivated:


·          Workout early in the day (avoid distractions)

·          Schedule your workouts «Have a plan»

·          Use a journal to track your progress

·          Set goals (f.e. losing weights or gain muscles in a certain time)

·          Make your daily workout to your routine and a part of your life


·          Consistency is the key



If you have no idea which exercises to do or how many reps or you need help in your nutrition - then have a look to my online programs.


Based on your wishes and objectives, I will prepare an individualized, comprehensive training program for you. HOME or GYM it is up to you :)

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